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Oklahoma State University

Medical Library Testing Center: Tahlequah Testing

General Information


Sonja Settle, Medical Librarian: 

Check-in Location:

Library: WW Hastings, Room 1106 (Library is in the back office of this room)

Check-in Time:

Check in with the librarian 10 minutes before the exam is scheduled to begin.

Testing Location: 

WW Hastings, Room 1131F

Student Instructions

Upon arrival:

  • Check-in with the librarian.
  • Complete the sign-in sheet.
  • Inform the librarian if an OSU device is needed for the exam.
  • Leave all personal belongings and electronic devices (other than the testing device) on the student desk in the library

During the test:

  • Bags, phones, smartwatches, and other electronic devices (other than the testing device) must be stored in the library.
  • The door to the testing room should be unlocked but fully closed while the student is testing. A sign will be placed on the door to prevent the student from being disturbed.
  • An audio and video recording will be made of the testing session.
  • Once the exam begins, the student must not leave the room before uploading the exam unless using the restroom. Only one tester at a time may use the restroom.
  • Any technical difficulties/issues, must be reported to the librarian or OED immediately.
  • Any questionable test behavior will be reported to Dr. Bray to investigate.

Upon test completion:

  • Before leaving, student must show the librarian the green log-out screen.
  • The librarian will then collect the student's testing materials (scratch paper, pencil, etc.) and device (if an OSU device was used).
  • The student will need to collect personal belongings from the student desk in the library.