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eBooks: Linking

Linking to an entire book

To link to an entire book you would follow these steps: 

Linking to a chapter of a book

Linking to a chapter of a book can be tricky as each book vendor handles linking differently.  Some links are not persistent and may become dysfunctional after a period of time.  If you have any questions about how to create chapter links, please contact us.  We will answer questions about creating links,  come to your office and teach you how to create links, or we would be happy to create your links for you.

Generally, follow these steps to link to a chapter of a book: (this method does not work with ClinicalKey...ask a librarian for help)

  • Go to the eBooks page at
  • Select the tab “eBooks - By Title”
  • Find in the list the book to which you would like to make a link
  • Click on the book title to open the book
  • Locate the link to the chapter (don't actually click on the chapter link)
  • Right click on the chapter link
  • Select from the menu “Copy Shortcut” (in Internet Explorer…other browsers use slightly different language, you will want to choose “Copy .…”)
  • Paste this link wherever you need it.  You can do this by right clicking and choosing "Paste" from the menu